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  • Studio Grill aims to personalize movie experience by creating spaces for small groups of people to gather and experience movies of their choice.

    As an alternative to the current large-hall model of movie consumption, which can be very public and rather inconvenient, Studio Grill offers “private-screening” at an affordable price for customers wanting to have an entire mini-theatre for themselves to privately enjoy a movie with just their chosen friends & family or business associates.

    Today’s multiplex experience unwittingly fosters viewers to be guarded and recluse. How often do you notice people talking to co-audience members about the film? NEVER, right? At Studio Grill, “social-screening” encourages small groups of people to gather together to watch a movie and indulge in a social-conversation about the movie, its ideas, making and so on. Studio Grill offers spaces for genuine movie lovers to network and bond over movies!

    We intend to transform the current model of distant & impersonal cinema viewing experience into an accessible & lively experience for our patrons.

    Oh! you would love the Studio Grill experience for several reasons:

    • One, enjoy great visual and audio experience in a tastefully designed, cosy and comfortable seats.
    • Two, Studio Grill offers a suite of products that satisfy all your entertainment needs.
    1. Do you want to experience cinema privately with your friends and family? We have Private Screening for you.
    2. Do you want to stream a movie from our Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscription? We have Private Streaming for you.
    3. Do you want to screen your own copyrighted content? We have Venue Rental for you.
    4. hree, you get to choose your co-audience. In Private Screening, Private Streaming, everyone in the audience are your invitees. Just like at your home, but something not possible at a multiplex. Even with Social-Screening, there is a high chance that many other people in the
    5. audience are known to you because, in Social Screening, we assemble the audience from friends on social media – your social media. We have taken the best of both worlds, home and multiplex, and created a unique blend to deliver a great experience to you.

    Our “mini-theatres”, with capacity varying between 8 and 40. Please review individual booking details to learn more.

    5 Simple Steps to Buy Tickets Online.
    • Step 1. Go to Studio Grill app, submit details & your account is activated! If already an existing user, then go to LOGIN. You need to be a registered Studio Grill app member to avail of the ticket booking facility. Please remember your user’s name and password for all future bookings.
    • Step 2. Click on Book screen and select the date and number of guests and click on show screens. Now select your desirable screens and select available slot timings.
    • Step 3. Now select your desirable screens and select preferred slot timing. As Studio grill comes with food combo, select veg or non veg options to procced to payment.
    • Step 4. SUBMIT! Check ticket details. Enter your payment mode details and your booking is complete!
    • Step 5. Take screenshot of your confirmed ticket booking. It must be mentioned at the time of Studio entry.
    • Do Note:
    • Slots must be booked at least 2 hours before arrival.
    • Nominal amount per ticket is same but cost of screen varies.

    Can tickets can be cancelled immediately?

    Tickets can be cancelled 10 mins after booking confirmation.

    When will refund be processed?

    Refund will be processed within 7 working days.

    Our mini theatre rooms are available for parties for which u need to fill the enquiry form and our team will give you a call back. They will note all your requirements. We even provide decoration for the occasion that you mention.

    Please do not carry any camera, laptop, electronic items, shopping bags, outside eatables, chewing gum, helmet, cigarettes and other tobacco items inside the premises as these are strictly NOT allowed. Studio Grill does not have a baggage facility at the cinema premises hence please make alternate arrangements for all these restricted items. Studio Grill will not be responsible for loss of any of these items.

    YES, for screens that are available for almost 90 days prior to booking. Go to screens section, click on your preferred show timing for a particular movie to start the booking process.

    Tickets bought online can be cancelled up-till 20 min prior to the slot timing, subject to certain terms and conditions. Please refer terms on cancellation in detailed T&C’s.

    Cancellation facility is available only on tickets booked through Studio Grill app.

    Partial cancellation is not allowed. Complete transaction will be cancelled.

    No. Facility of cancellation is only available on tickets booked online through Studio Grill App.

    Cancellation 2 hours before show start time Cancelled between 20 mins to 2 hours before show start time
    75% of Ticket value (no convenience fee and applicable taxes) 50% of Ticket value (no convenience fee and applicable taxes)
    100% F&B 100% F&B

    Tickets can be cancelled in the booking history section of Studio Grill app or you can call us directly through mentioned numbers in the contact.


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