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    I’ve paid for my booking but I haven’t received an email to confirm. What should I do?

    You'll get a confirmation email once your booking is confirmed. This should only take about two minutes but sometimes can take longer. Please check your spam/junk mail folders for this email, it may be there by mistake. If you still haven't received any emails, reach out to our Customer Service team.

    I cannot find my confirmation email, what should I do?

    First check your inbox and spam/junk mail folders, it may be there by mistake. If you have Studio Grill app, you can also find your confirmation under the Bookings section in your account.

    Why and how long do I need to wait for my booking to be confirmed?

    We'll need to check with your transaction and verify it to make sure your slot is still available. We do our best to let you know within two minutes via email. Please check your spam/junk mail folders in case this email is there by mistake.

    My booking is still not confirmed, what should I do?

    You’ll get an email to let you know if your booking is confirmed within several minutes. Please check your inbox and spam/junk mail folders for this email. If you still cannot find the email, please reach out to our Customer Service team.


    My booking has been cancelled, when will I be refunded?

    If your booking has been cancelled, Studio Grill refunds you immediately into your wallet in the app. If you have questions, contact us directly.

    Can I cancel my booking?

    Yes, you can cancel your booking for which you need to follow our procedure. But Partial cancellation is not allowed. Complete transaction will be cancelled.

    Can I make changes to my booking?

    It's not possible to make any changes to your booking. This includes actions like changing the dates, number of people, screens availability.

    If I need to cancel my booking, will I pay a fee?

    If your booking is non-refundable, you cannot cancel or make changes. If your booking is free cancellation or partially refundable, check your confirmation email or confirmation page in the Bookings section of your account for the cancellation costs.

    How do I know if my booking was cancelled?

    After you cancel a booking with us, you should receive an email to confirm the cancellation. Check your inbox and spam/junk mail folders.

    If you’ve received an email from Studio Grill, cancelling your booking, your booking has been cancelled and we’ve refunded you into your wallet. If you have questions, contact your us directly.

    Where can I find the cancellation policy?

    You can find this in your booking confirmation email, our website and app.


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